Loan Packaging

A loan package is a formal presentation of your current financial position as well as your lending needs. It helps market your business to potential lenders and can spell the difference between successfully obtaining funding or being rejected by lenders.

At The Numbers Company, we want to help you show the banks that you mean business. By providing business owners with professional loan packing services, we are prepared to help secure a lending relationship for your business.

What do Banks Need to Know?

Most lenders are concerned with understanding the following:

  • How much does your company need?
  • How will your company use the proceeds?
  • How will your business repay the loan?
  • What happens if your company can’t repay?

Without solid answers to these questions and sound financial information supporting your answers, the chances of your company obtaining a loan are minimal.

Make a Lasting Impression

We understand how important it is to make a lasting impression with potential lenders when trying to secure a loan for your business. We work closely with you to develop a strategy and can assist with gathering important documents, financial projections and bank presentations. Call The Numbers Company today to find out how our loan packaging services and expert guidance can help expedite your request.

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