Get to Know The Numbers Company

At The Numbers Company, we strongly believe in creating close relationships with our clients. We do our best to ensure that your bookkeeping and accounting duties are managed by a specialist who will stay in touch with you and develop a close partnership with your business for as long as you’re with us. Our goal is to provide all of the perks of having an in-house accountant without the unnecessary costs.

Tailor-Made Services

Our bookkeeping and accounting support system is designed to uphold and meet the demands of businesses from various sectors. Whether your business is small and in its beginning stages, or established and thriving as a large corporation, our efforts are the same. We are focused on bringing customized accounting packages and financial resolutions to each of our clients.

Personalized Financial Management

No business is too big or small for our services. With the help of our outside bookkeeping services, you can take advantage of our custom-made skills based on:

  • Your needs
  • Your business type
  • The industry’s business cycle

Your Business is Our Priority

Let The Numbers Company take pride in meeting your business’s financial management needs by leading you toward success and prosperity. For more information about our comprehensive and personalized services, contact our office today.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Suzanne E. Muñoz, was born and raised in South Texas. She is a licensed CPA with a degree in finance from the University of Texas-Pan American. With clear goals and visions for success – Ms. Munoz set out to establish The Numbers Company. A full service bookkeeping and payroll company that provides Quality Professional services aimed to fulfill our customer’s needs.

A Mission for Excellence

Ms. Munoz is a highly qualified Business Advocate. She has a deep and broad experience set and has applied them to many Professional firms, non-profits, and many types of businesses. Her services include but are not limited to:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial consulting
  • Financial record keeping
  • Audited Financials
  • Business Loan Preparation (new and re-fi)
  • Financial statement preparation

Additionally, Munoz is thoroughly skilled in preparing financials for both re-financing and new business loans. Her proficiency of both English and Spanish makes her a very capable business partner for companies of various sectors, sizes and platforms.
Although this is not a CPA firm, if your business is needing professionally prepared financial statements or audited financial statements, Ms. Munoz can prepare these for you as well through her CPA Firm Suzanne E. Munoz, PPLC.

Our History

The Numbers Company was originally established as Munoz Management, LLC in 2012 by Suzanne E. Munoz. It all began during tax season when several clients expressed their need to keep their finances and books in top order. Like any solid business, The Numbers Company may have started small, but this helped cement the foundation for a company devoted to customer satisfaction and expert services.

Since the beginning, The Numbers Company has offered bookkeeping services for businesses of all sizes. As our client’s companies began to flourish, their need for more employees and payroll management grew, too. We adapted to fit that need. Soon after, our clients began to expand and grow, which meant the necessity for loans. We then made it our duty to offer them loan packaging.

The Numbers Company is not a CPA firm, but we can assure you that when it comes to your business, we’ll do all things numbers. Whether you’re an attorney, restaurant, construction company or a non-profit, we will offer you our best bookkeeping and financial management services.

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